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Are you serious?

April 10, 2012

Why the Fed Will Intervene if Stocks Fall Too Far

How can we seriously let stories like the above run and not scream “WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!” While it seems obvious that the Fed’s main objective has been to prop up the stock market, I would have never guessed it would have been so freely reported on in the press… seemingly without challenge. Since when is it the Fed’s job to stimulate the stock market? This is truly unbelievable to me that the press so unabashedly spurs on this kind of manipulation and even suggests that the economy/markets ‘may’ not be able to stand on their own. They won’t be able to stand on their own, but the reason they will now fall from a higher cliff is because of the Fed’s liquidity experiment has been an artificial prop.

It seems hysterical to me that I have been arguing that the Fed is doing this very thing and now I read stories like this that justifies their very dangerous actions. These are truly unbelievable times we are living in!


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