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Headlines Galore Part 2

June 13, 2013

The Financial Media Must Think We Have The Memory of a Slug!  

‘These Are Very Scary Times’: Gartman (video) – CNBC

Nikkei tumbles 6% on central bank fears – CNN/Money

Is It Now “Game Over” for Japanese Equities? – CNBC

World Bank cuts growth outlook as world enters ‘new normal’ – Reuters

Bond bubble threatens financial system, Bank of England director warns – Guardian

End of Cheap Money: Can the World Handle Higher Interest Rates? – Spiegel

Why The Financial Press Buys Into A Non-Existent Keynesian Consensus – Forbes

Are Markets Facing a Crisis of Confidence? – CNBC

Why markets are shaking – MSN Money

Compare these headlines to the headlines that were dominating our financial news less than two weeks ago (see Headlines Galore, May 29, 2013).

So what is our counter to all these negative vibes? And just in time for the opening of our markets here in the States and prior to the close of the European markets, “Jobless Claims Fall; Labor Market Healing Ongoing.(That should be good for a positive opening in our financial markets.)

I think that should trump all the above negative headlines, don’t you?!! Am I suggesting headline rigging? Of course not — only whenever possible.

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